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The Only School Counseling Platform is Free Through August 2020

Your students need their school counselors now more than ever.

Reconnect students with their counselors during this crisis for FREE with FightSong.

The Only Remote School Counseling Platform, FightSong! is now available free through August 2020 to support students during this crisis.

The Only Remote School Counseling Platform, FightSong allows students to maintain connection to their school counselors– even while learning remotely during times of crisis.

“Not only are many students grieving and struggling with new trauma, it’s also harder now for school counselors to help them. That’s because counselors have lost one of the most powerful tools they had before schools closed: access.”

“Closed Schools Are Creating More Trauma for Students” Cory Turner, NPR

As Turner says in the above article, “Between closed schools, social isolation, food scarcity and parental unemployment, the coronavirus pandemic has so destabilized kids’ support systems that the result, counselors say, is genuinely traumatic.”

It is more important than ever for all students to have their school counselors during this crisis. Best case, students need their counselors in stable home situations to talk through the trauma of this pandemic.

But what about students with problems at home, for whom school is a refuge?

One of our organizations told us that 95%+ of their runaway students have ran again since schools have shut down.

With FightSong, even students with only a cell phone and a backpack can stay connected to their school counselors.

The cost of the platform starts at $280/year for a whole school implementation after the free trial.

Sign up for a free trial and offer this essential connection to your students today. We’ll be there to help get you and your kids set up every step of the way.

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Using only the latest research on bullying and mental health, Kacy supports evidence based education practices for all educators, including school counselors, administrators, psychologists, teachers and school resource officers.

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