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FightSong!® Changing Incident Reporting Culture

Next-Generation Communication Technology that Students Want to Use

The Social and Emotional Health of students is often a major contributor to incidents in schools. Currently, incident reporting technology available on the market are designed with the sole purpose of addressing urgent concerns and active or potential threats to student safety. These systems are important, but fail to address the core of the emotional nature of student conflicts. We at FightSong! want fix the flaws in the reporting system and reach out to students.

“If we want to change and improve the outcomes of schooling for both students and teachers, there are features of the school culture that must be changed. The efforts of policy‐makers and school principals to improve student learning in American schools have had less than the expected results education leaders need to reframe and refocus their leadership efforts”

Sarason, S.

Take Back Your Life

Co-Founder Staci Smith struggled through middle school to college with mental illness. Due to a mix of paranoia and depression and always appearing to be a ‘Amazing Student’ she never managed to overcome her anxiety and reach out to any counselors. She teamed up with her father, James, the lead software developer of Twotrees Technologies LLC., to create a secure and confidential Incident Reporting and Communication Platform. Encouraging students to comfortably start a conversation with counselors in their own school.

James was inspired by Rachel Platten’s song Fight Song, so he trademarked the company name, FightSong!®. Building on this message, the entire FightSong!® App is focused on giving students the confidence they need to take back their life from bullying and conflicts.

With such a passionate team, FightSong!® quickly developed into more than an incident reporting app. It is designed around changing the students’ perception of incident reporting and what they truly want when reaching out for support. Filling a major gap in student communications with counselors and administrators, and an engaging message of empowerment and mental health advocacy.

FightSong! Features

Confidential Reporting w/ GPS Location (optional)

Students Can Attach media or social media screenshots to reports

Direct Messaging , no need for an “incident” to just talk

Customizable Incident Reasons (Feeds into Analytics Automatically)

Students can view report progress and communicate within the report

Counselor/Administrative access to FightSong! Reports through secure web portal or app.

Share reports and conversations with other FightSong! Staff to collaborate on or escalate a Report

Archive all conversations, reports, and media on a Secure Cloud Database

Students App. ID tracking helps mitigate false or retaliation reporting by being able address and remove the student who is misusing FightSong!

Set Office Hours: App is not meant for Emergency use , offline response will be sent when school is not in session.

Variety of Notification Options

Customizable Analytics

Seamless integration with organizations current reporting methods

A FightSong! Brand Ambassador to help set up, train staff, and roll out Product for free

Responsive and friendly support

Change the Culture

of Reporting in Schools

FightSong!® empowers students to take back their lives from bullies by giving them an app — technology they are comfortable with to confidentially report school incidents as well as communicate online with counselors and administrators.

  • Students can reach out about ANY non-emergency issues they may encounter, no matter how ‘small’
  • Powerful analytics reporting gives Administrators a 360 degree view of the social health of their student population.
  • Text based communication increases student engagement with counselors.

The enthusiastic and hero-esque view of reporting is a novel approach to rid the ‘snitch’ or institutionalized feel many other platforms retain from the traditional tip line format. It gets students excited about standing up with the colorful posters, and encourages them that there are always options.

Students are not the only focus of FightSong!® We have streamlined many features and data analytics to make administration and counselors lives easier. Saving time and energy is important when case loads are getting heavier with each passing year. Customizable features target issues you want to focus on improving and collect relevant data from the reports, giving you only the information you want.

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I am the co-creator of FightSong!. Currently I live in Las Vegas, although I'm always traveling to spread to message of FightSong! Mental Health Advocacy and supporting students and counselors is really important to me. After highschool and college I was diagnosed with a mental health disorder I had been struggling with my whole life. Through counseling and support from my family I am able to be the rockstar I am today.

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