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John Berry

FS! Artist


FightSong! is proud to support diverse artists whose contemporary and authentic styles resonate with students.


Who are the FightSong! Artists?

FS! Artists have worked with the entire FS! Team to create our brand identity, art posters lining the halls in FS! schools and all of our print and online graphics.

John BerrySo, who is John Berry?

John Berry is an Animator, Illustrator and Teacher currently living and working in Kansas City, MO. He received a B.F.A. Degree in animation in 2012 from the Kansas City Art Institute. Since graduation, he has worked as an Animator, Illustrator, Concept Artist, and a Graphic Designer. He has also been a teacher in KCAI’s Continuing Education department as an Animation Instructor since 2014 and joined the BFA program as an Animation Lecturer in 2018.    

What did John create for us?  Our FS! Heroes:

Our FightSong! Heroes were created as uniquely complicated individuals that all students could find a little bit of themselves in. John’s inspiration for them was as authentic as they come:

“I prefer to think…about real people. It’s not just a very specific tokenization of human beings. All of those people exist in some capacity. I thought of the people that I know that exist in the world and that’s where I got started.”

John Berry, FS! Artist and Illustrator

Why did John create these characters?

Originally, the characters John designed for FS! were for our poster campaign. But we fell in love with how interesting each of them were and decided to make the characters part of our brand identity. Now, every FightSong! school receives art quality posters featuring all of the characters and they can be seen throughout our website and social media.



FightSong! Crowd Poster, provided to every FightSong! school for halls and school counselor’s offices.


Check out John’s art on Instagram,
Facebook and his website.
FightSong! Crowd Poster

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