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Who Are The FightSong! Heroes?

    Ashlan Park

    John wanted to break as many stereotypes about Asians as he could. “Asian characters: they’re nerdy, they’re never really cool unless they’re martial artists or something like that. I thought making Ashlan a DJ would be...a very positive and cool representation."

    Aisha Powell

    Aisha's dress is a little more formal-- she wants to become a teacher and she takes herself very seriously. "Aisha comes from the girls and women that were a part of my life and that I haven’t had a chance to see a lot of."

    Reese Carter

    Reese found out a friend, a (female) skater, refused to report some students who were physically threatening her every single day in person and on Facebook. When Reese reported it through FS! - He felt like he was protecting his best friend from what he saw was an escalating threat…

    Victor Romero

    Even before Victor lost his arm in a car accident when he was 15, Victor had depression. Victor decided to DM his school counselor using FightSong figuring he didn't have anything to lose. His counselor messaged back right away, inviting him into her office and confirming he was safe. Feeling…

    Kai Greene

    Getting involved is more important when you’re a part of a marginalized community,” John told us, which is why Kai became an activist. When describing Kai’s gender presentation, John adds that the artist, “wanted everything to read as more neutral."

    Fariha Kapoor

    A complicated character like the rest of the FS! Heroes, “She’s a really good basketball player and she’s taking the classic jock character and turning it on its head a bit.”

    John Berry

    John Berry is an Animator, Illustrator, and Teacher currently living and working in Kansas City, MO.

    Our FightSong! Heroes were created as uniquely complicated individuals that all students could find a little bit of themselves in.

    Every FightSong! school receives art quality posters featuring all of the characters and they can be seen throughout our website and social media.



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