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Dad and Daughter Co-Found Antibullying App They Wish They’d Had

Wichita, KS. Both James Smith and his daughter Staci were bullied in school. When Staci came to James for support, he was disappointed to learn how similar the experience was to his days in school: from the bullying itself to the school’s (lack of) support for recovery from bullying.

Both father and daughter were also uncomfortable with the physical need to walk into a school counselor’s office for support and believed that may be a barrier for others also.

James and Staci saw the conundrum: school counselors are overloaded but students need more individualized conversations, not just reporting procedures, to fully recover from the impact of bullying.

Like any father, he wanted to help. Unlike any father, James is a computer programmer and president of educational technology provider Twotrees Technologies and uniquely equipped to help solve the problem of high counselor to student ratios and student discomfort with in-person communication.

It was apparent to James that a new mobile app for student and school counselor conversations was the solution.

Co-developed with the educators, administrators and school counselors he’d known from Twotrees, FightSong! was built to provide more efficient support to students in a way they were most comfortable with: through a mobile app.

In February 2018, James and Staci founded Next Gen Antibullying App FightSong! Built to solve the underlying causes of bullying, FightSong! is the only antibullying app that provides the highest possible levels of student support without ignoring the core of what causes incidents in schools: inadequate emotional support.

Learn more about what makes FightSong! necessary for schools committed to providing exceptional student support on

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